As President and Fire Chief of the Williamstown Fire Company #1, we would like to offer the fire company’s sincere apologies to those who were offended by the inappropriate banner posted during the NJ State Firemen’s Convention this past weekend in Wildwood. While attendance at the annual convention has always been a festive occasion for our volunteers, unfortunately a few individuals of our organization exercised poor judgment posting an inappropriate banner. The Williamstown Fire Company has a long standing tradition of honorable service and commitment to the township. Our volunteers are dedicated to the safety and security of our residents. We ask the general public to not assess our organization through a single display of poor judgment but by the dedicated commitment of all the volunteers who proudly and unselfishly serve our community. The Williamstown Fire Company assures our residents that action will be taken to insure that an incident like this will never happen again. Once again, on behalf of our organization, our volunteer members, we sincerely apologize.
President Joseph Kurz       Chief Michael Jacobi