Distracted Driving Awareness Month


We would like to remind everyone that April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Please be safe and put the phone down! Whatever you have to say cant be more important then your life or the guilt of taking someone elses.
Below are some interesting facts about car crashes:

- 26% of all car crashes involve cell phone use

- 100 people DIE every day in car crashes

- 1 in 3 drivers say they use their cellphones regularly

- A Utah report found that drivers using their cellphones have a slower reaction time then a driver with a .08 BAC

- 90% of all car crashes are caused by driver error. This is why we now call them crashes instead of accidents



Easter Flower Sale

The Ladies Auxiliary, from Cecil Fire Company, is holding their Annual Easter Flower Sale Friday April 18th and Saturday April 19th from 10-4 at the Cecil Firehouse, 295 Whitehall Road. Please help support our local fire companies.

Annual Hoagie Sale


Thanks to all that helped make our Hoagie sale a huge success on Saturday April 5th. We were sold out by noon. Hope everyone enjoyed thier lunch!