Dangerous Heat

The dangerous heat is continuing this week! Please remember to be safe out there. Dont forget to properly hydrate and make sure all our seniors are safe. If you have outside pets please provide pleny of water and shade for them.
Visit this link for a list of Gloucester County 'Cool Spots'


Car Wash

Thank you to everyone that came out on Sunday July 17th for our car wash! We appreciate your suport!

Does your car still have pollen from the Spring and hasnt been washed in a while because its been too hot to do yourself? Come out to our Main Street Firehouse on Sunday July 17th from 10AM-4PM to get your car washed by the members of the Fire Company!


Mark Your Calendars

This year Fire Prevention Week is October 9th-15th. The topic for the week was just announced as "Don't Wait, Check the Date" which drives home the importance of keeping your detectors in proper working order. This not only includes replacing batteries but replacing the whole detector every 10 years as they do have a shelf life. We are constantly shocked how many houses we go in that do not have PROVEN life saving measures as simple as working Smoke and CO Detectors. Please be safe!