Mourning the Loss of a Brother

It's with great sadness that we announce the loss of brother Fireman Frank W. L'Esperance. Frank passed away January 23rd where he was currently residing in Tucson Arizona. Further details will be provided when they become available. RIP Frank


Winter Safety

Winter has finally arrived, be Safe in the cold weather! Check on the elderly and please don’t leave pets outdoors without the proper protection. Space heaters can be very dangerous so please use them with caution. Also if we get a plowable amount of snow please be sure to clear a path in front of all fire hydrants so they are accessible and visible. The few seconds it may take us to clear a hydrant, or go to one further down, may mean life or death to someone trapped inside!


Mandatory Training

All Station 291 members are reminded that January 19th 2016 is our Annual HazComm and Right To Know Training night. This annual training is REQUIRED if you are an active firefighter. If you can’t make this training night you are required to get the certifications, on your own time, by June 1st or you will not be allowed to respond to Fire Calls!